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The Beginning


In 2012, a group of friends from France living in Delhi read an article in the local paper that horrified them: in a neighborhood called Motia Khan, three men had violated a five year-old girl and thrown her off a bridge, thinking her dead. Her little brother found her, and with the help of neighbors, carried her to the hospital, where they were able to save her life after a series of operations. These friends visited the girl in the hospital during her recovery and learned that she had been begging along an avenue a few blocks from where she lived, a place called Motia Khan Shelter. When they got to know the shelter, they realized the families who called it home lived in a terrible state, and decided to put together a group to visit the shelter daily, and to bring medicine and food to the women and children there.  

In early 2016, we felt that our school needed its own space in order to allow us to confront new challenges with the project. So in March, we rented a house one block from the shelter that today serves a hundred and thirty children who study and lunch with us daily, and thirty women who are learning to sew. Not only children from the Motia Khan shelter attend our school, but many other children from the streets and neighborhoods nearby have joined the group. In addition, four women on our team are residents of the Motia Khan shelter, and for the first time in their lives have a job where they are respected, appreciated, and earn a living wage.